VKs are the world’s first “Performance Insoles” - a patented, innovatively designed, aerospace-grade, carbon fiber insole designed specifically to improve athletic performance.

In simple terms, the harder you can push against the ground, the faster you can run and the higher you can jump. VKs are “dynamic sports gear” specially designed to store an athlete’s energy that would ordinarily be wasted and then directing it toward the ground to increase speed, increase vertical jump, and improve energy efficiency.

Commercially available insoles are typically made from foam and plastic, designed simply for comfort & support. VKs Insole provides comfort & support - but is the only performance insole on the market made from heel-to-toe, aerospace-grade carbon fiber which maximizes the return of energy to improve athletic performance.

Although VKs were designed to improve athletic performance, several customers have identified ancillary lower leg benefits from the added support our insole provide. Due to improved stabilization and shock absorption, many experts in Sports Medicine believe that VKs helps to reduce the chance of foot & lower leg injuries.

Simple carbon fiber plates have been used across multiple sports for decades now. Common carbon fiber plates can be very rigid, designed to limit foot movement (like a splint) and assisting in rehabilitation and reducing further injury (e.g. – turf toe, plantar fasciitis, lisfranc, Achilles tendonitis, etc.) VKs has a unique, patented design that provides the perfect amount of stiffness to address these conditions – and the necessary flex to increase propulsion.

No. Because VKs are covered with a cushioned top cover designed to provide the right balance of comfort and stability for all sports - without taking up too much room in the shoe. Before inserting VKs, we recommend that you remove the insoles that come with the shoes.

No. Because the VKTRY Insole creates no energy, it is performing no work for the athlete. It is only focusing the athlete’s energy back directly against the playing surface. The athlete gets back only the energy that he/she puts in – basic Physics.

Yes. Carbon fiber insoles have been used across the sports world for decades because of the protective nature of the product. VKs is much like any other pieces of dynamic, technical gear that athletes utilize. The product creates no additional energy. It uses the energy that an individual generates and then returns that energy back into the ground quickly. This is something that experts in Biomechanics call “ground reaction force”. The more force that you put into the product, the more you get out of it.

The applications for VKs are virtually limitless. Our insoles are designed to be used in any sport where the athlete relies on efficient ground contact to move them. Individual performance results with VKTRY Insoles will vary.

Because of VKs proprietary design, lateral movements such as quick cuts, left and right, are improved. Agility is helped by the fact that VKs provides a firm foundation for the athlete. By improving ground contact, VKTRY Insoles ensure a stable base for the athlete to push against.

Our performance insoles are designed to be worn during training and competitions – not all day. We suggest that you build up to 3-4 hours a day over the course of a couple weeks. Like wearing orthotics, you will feel new pressure and may need some time to get used to this.

VKs is designed to go into all laced shoes, sneakers, cleats or spikes regardless of brand.

VKs is sized exactly the same as footwear. It is available is whole sizes in both Men’s and Women’s sizes. If in doubt about exact sizing always go down in size rather than up. Some sport shoes tend to run small/tight (soccer, track, lacrosse, etc.) so we may send you a size 8 or 9 VK to fit your size 10 soccer shoes. Any troubles with size, let us know!

VKs is available in 5 different “Pro” Levels (Propel / Protect); The factors involved in determining the right “Pro” for you are: shoe size, body weight, activity type. The VKTRY staff is trained to assist you in finding the right “Pro” Level for you to ensure you optimize performance.

We just began manufacturing VKs in the USA in January 2016. In the spring of 2016, we conducted product testing and consumer research. Our true business launch is the summer of 2016 – so we expect people will begin hearing a lot more about VKTRY insoles very soon!