How does the Superhero BOGO (Buy One Give One) promotion work?

*The VKTRY Superhero Buy One, Give One promotion is for a limited time only.  The pair of VKTRY insoles gifted will be the same model (Gold or Silver) as the one purchased. At checkout customers will input the appropriate code during the applicable promotion.  VKTRY will supply the customer with a follow-up email that includes a unique one-time use code (valid for 30 days from date of issuance).  The customer must in turn forward this email to their Superhero.  The Superhero may then customize their free pair of VKs for direct delivery from the VKTRY Gear website.  In the event the originally purchased VKTRY insoles are returned and a free pair of insoles was redeemed from that customer account, VKTRY will credit half of the purchase price to the original purchaser: $99 for a pair of GOLD VKs or $49 for a pair of SILVER VKs.