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"Been using these for about 200 miles with my hiking boots and they give support, reduce foot fatigue when hiking, and they are very durable. They look almost brand new after a good amount of use! I cannot say that about other insoles I have used over the years. The durability alone justifies the expense. Immediately bought a second pair after the first 100 miles they were so good." - Michael L., Real VKTRY Customer


Tested to improve propulsion and reduction from injury, VKTRY’s patented carbon fiber base returns energy and absorbs shock with every step you take.

Research proves VKTRY’s full-length carbon fiber insoles help protect and recover from common foot & lower-leg injuries, and also help reduce fatigue after long days on hilly terrain.


Improved propulsion with every step


Shock absorption to reduce fatigue & injury


Clinically proven stability & support

VK Gold Performance Insoles
Made for all sports
For serious athletes looking to take their game to the next level
Baseplate is 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber
Baseplate flexibility is customized based on age, gender, body weight and sport
Top cover is customized thickness (3, 5, 7mm) based on sport and shoe type. Fits all footwear and all sports, even soccer and track
Worn by thousands of pro and college athletes
$169 buy 2 or more pairs & save
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VK Silver Performance Insoles
Not designed for cleats
For casual athletes of all ages and the best performance insole for the price
Baseplate is carbon fiber composite
Baseplate flexibility is less customized, but works well for over 90% of people
Top cover thickness of 5mm works well for most non-cleated shoes. For cleats, we recommend Gold VKs
Worn by tens of thousands of amateur athletes
$99 buy 2 or more pairs & save
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