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VK Test Results:

+9.3% Explosiveness

  • Run Faster: Take 0.1 Seconds off 40 yard dash
  • Jump Higher: Add +1.6" to your vertical
  • Train smarter: 41% less foot/toe injuries

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VK Insoles have been tested and proven to help athletes run faster and jump higher. Whether you are running the 100 or throwing the shot, your performance depends on putting a force into the ground. Made from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, VKs help athletes generate more ground force and increase peak explosiveness by +9.3%. VKs help track & field athletes win!

  • Originally developed for the USA Olympic Bobsled Team, VKs have now appeared in 3 Olympic Games and helped the USA win multiple medals.
  • VKs do not generate energy, they harness and return the energy an athlete generates.
  • Comfortable foam top cover and ultra-thin, lightweight design fits in track spikes.

Track & Field athletes rely on their feet and legs to succeed. Experts in sports medicine recognize that VK Insoles help stabilize and support the athlete – and reduce injuries!

Run Faster.

Jump Higher.

Train Smarter.

The top track athletes in the world trust VKTRY Insoles to perform at their best, and stay healthy all season long.

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