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VK Test Results:

+9.3% Explosiveness

  • Jump Higher: Add +1.6" to your vertical
  • Land Softer: Increased Shock Absorption
  • Train smarter: 41% less foot/toe injuries

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VKs are simply the best volleyball insole available for two reasons: increased vertical and unprecedented shock absorption. See why Jordan Larson of Team USA uses VKs to reduce pounding on her knees, ankles and feet. It’s not magic – it’s science.

  • The patented carbon fiber design provides propulsion upward and deceleration downward – and the flexibility of VKs is customized to the athlete’s body weight.
  • Memory foam top cover provides comfort and added shock absorption.

The best way to treat an injury is to prevent it. Experts in sports medicine believe that VK Insoles provide athletes with added stability and protection so they can stay in the game.

Run Faster.

Jump Higher.

Spike Harder.

The top players & skill trainers in the world trust VKTRY Insoles to perform at their best, and stay healthy all season long.

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