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To order Platinum VKs, a free phone consultation with a VKTRY Board Certified Pedorthist is required.
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VKTRY Platinum Orthotics provide the cushion and support of full-custom orthotics with the performance and protection of our patented VKTRY carbon baseplate built right in.
Energy return & propulsion in every step
Superior shock absorption, support & stability
41% less foot
& toe injuries
These insoles are worth their weight in gold…
My son plays College Soccer and is hard on his body as well as his cleats/insoles. VKTRY has been a dream to work with to help us get the right insole for his sport and body. They have custom made insoles for his specific needs. These insoles have made a huge difference in my son’s overall play as he no longer suffers from shin splints and knee pain. This product is worth its weight in gold.
-Bridgett B.
How the Platinum Process Works
It’s got to be the insoles…
I am using these strictly for golf, and I play daily and walk most of the time. With the Platinums, I felt my feet firmly planted and able to fully utilize the ground to make power. I feel like my feet are glued to my shoes, and explosive off the ground. These insoles are amazing. Walking is also a lot less effort on a pretty hilly course. I can see why professional athletes love them. My son is a sneakerhead. He has watched old Air Jordan classic commercials online with Spike Lee and Michael Jordan. When we walked up to my ball after my longest ever drive and we looked at the distance on my GPS watch, he said: “Dad. It’s got to be the insoles!” Thank you to all the VKTRY team. I am a very happy customer.
-Eric O.
Growing Kids / Foot Problems Resolved / Goals Achieved
My kids have high arches and began having problems with their feet, especially when playing sports- my son was diagnosed with sesamoiditis. We purchased 2 pairs of custom Vktry insoles 1 for everyday use and 1 for training. Game Changer! No more foot problems. My son elevated his performance and achieved all state recognition. My daughter’s knee problems disappeared and she went on to achieve All-American status in both high jump and pole vault. I attribute much of their success to their ability to log the training hours needed without lower leg pain and injuries. Hurray for a solution that works! Thanks Vktry!!! They have been a game changer- literally!
-Bridgett B.
What is a custom orthotic?
A custom orthotic is a shoe insert that is made to exactly fit the contours of your feet. Orthotics are used for a variety of foot conditions including heel pain, flat feet, pain in the ball of the foot, high arched feet, various ligament and tendon issues, arthritis etc.
How do custom orthotics work?
Orthotics work by decreasing high pressure areas, stabilizing the foot alignment, and cushioning the foot. They also help to cushion and support the foot while walking, running, or playing a sport that requires lateral stability. Only VKTRY Platinum orthotics add the benefits of carbon fiber to custom orthotics.
What is the cost of VKTRY Platinums?
$495, any second pair $395
Where can I order Custom Orthotics from?
Platinum Orthotics can only be shipped to addresses located within the United States. For more details on how the Custom Orthotic shipping process works, please email us at
How are VKTRY Orthotics different than others?
VKTRY custom orthotics are made using the latest material technology. They are made of ultra-soft EVA foam molded to the exact shape of your foot for maximum comfort, cushioning and stability. Only VKTRY Platinum orthotics add patented aerospace-grade carbon fiber plate technology.
How do I get you my foot impressions?
We will send you a foam impression box with directions on how to make an accurate foot impression. Send it back to our labs, postage paid. And we will scan your foot impressions with our proprietary laser scanning system and fabricate your custom orthotics with VKTRY’s patented carbon fiber plate built right in.
Do I need Custom Orthotics?
Custom orthotics are often recommended for individuals with chronic foot and leg pain caused by injuries, flat feet, high arches or other foot conditions.
How long do custom orthotics last?
The lifespan of custom orthotics depends on many factors such as how often they are worn, in what type of shoe are they going to be used in and for what activity. Generally, custom orthotics will last 2-3 years.
Are custom orthotics washable?
VKTRY Custom Orthotics are made of top quality materials that include a hand washable top cover that is anti-microbial to prevent odor. Our top covers can be hand washed with a mild soap and water and air-dried at room temperature.
Do I need to break in my custom orthotics?
Custom orthotics should be broken in a little at a time. The normal break in time can be anywhere from a week or two. Initially you may feel some heel slippage, but this will resolve in a short time. If there is any new pain or discomfort after the break in period, please contact us immediately and we will arrange an adjustment or replacement.
What types of shoes can they be worn in?
VKTRY makes two types of custom orthotics. The first type is our standard Platinum Orthotic designed for trainers or casual walking shoes. This style has a deep heel cup, thicker profile for maximum cushioning and works best in running shoes, walking shoes, basketball, volleyball, or other types of footwear for sports that require a lot of jumping.

Our second type of orthotic is Slimfit. This style is designed to fit into shoes with a narrower design such as cleats, spikes, golf or tennis shoes. This style has a shallow heel cup and thinner profile to ensure a great fit and prevent heel slippage.
What types of Custom Orthotics do you make?
VK Platinums are available in 2 different models.

- The first is our Standard Custom designed to fit into sneakers such as running shoes (trainers) or any footwear that has a little extra room.

- The second type is our Thinfit version. Thinfit is designed for footwear that has a little less room such as golf, tennis, hiking, skiing or cleated footwear.

Both types are full custom and provide exceptional support.
How long do custom orthotics take to make?
Custom orthotics usually take about 2 weeks to make after we receive your impressions back to our labs. Timing may vary based on order volume, holidays and/or shipping delays. The quicker you return your foam impression box, the quicker we can get started.
Are my custom orthotics trimmable?
Yes. You may trim the soft foam material on your orthotics if they are a bit too long or wide however never trim the carbon fiber. This will void any warranty of materials.
Are my custom orthotics guaranteed?
VKTRY Platinum orthotics are guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship. All adjustments or remakes, if necessary, are free of charge. As your orthotics are fully customized for you, there are no refunds.
Does my health insurance cover my custom orthotics?
It may. VKTRY does not accept any insurance plans, but you are free to submit the claim yourself.
Do VKTRY Platinum Orthotics qualify for HSA/FSA reimbursement?
Yes! VKTRY custom orthotics qualify for health savings and flex spending accounts.
Can I pay over time?
Yes! If you qualify, you can finance your custom orthotics over 3 months using the “Shop Pay Installments” payment plan on our website.
To order Platinum VKs, a free phone consultation with a VKTRY Board Certified Pedorthist is required.
Must be 18 years or older or accompanied by parent/guardian on the call.
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Must be 18 years or older or accompanied by parent/guardian on the call.