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VK Test Results:

+9.3% Explosiveness

  • Run Faster: Take 0.1 Seconds off 60 Yard Dash
  • Jump Higher: Add +1.6" to your Vertical
  • Train Smarter: 41% Less Foot/Toe Injuries

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George Springer runs faster and trains smarter with VK Insoles: the world’s first carbon fiber sports insole proven to improve performance and reduce the chance of injury. With both performance and protection benefits, VKs are considered to be the best insoles for ballplayers.

  • The carbon fiber baseplate is customized to athlete weight and engineered to stabilize the foot.
  • Slim & lightweight with comfortable memory foam top cover for additional shock absorption.
  • Improve your 60 time with proven decreases in time - over 200 NFL athletes have worn VKs for NFL Combine 40 yard dash. 
  • Some pitchers claim they throw harder with VKs due to increased leverage & ground force.

The most frequent baseball and softball injuries are sprains (ligaments) and strains (muscles). VKs help in 2 ways: protection and recovery from common foot problems such as turf toe, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and lisfranc. Stay healthy and stay in the game – with VKs.

Run Faster.

Jump Higher.

Throw Harder.

The top players & skill trainers in the world trust VKTRY Insoles to perform at their best, and stay healthy all season long.

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