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90 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping

VKTRY Insoles

How do VKTRY Insoles work?
Proprietary Carbon
Fiber Technology

Shock Absorption

At heel strike, the carbon fiber absorbs impact, reducing the joint load on the lower extremities

Support & Stability

At “ footflat ”, VKs provide improved support and stability. Torquing or twisting of the foot can lead to injury VKTRY Insoles help to reduce the chance of that happening

Energy Storage

When you prepare to push off the ground, you bend your foot and “load” the VKTRY Insole. Passive energy will soon turn to kinetic

Energy Return

Like a spring, the deflected VKTRY carbon fiber insole wants to return to it's natural shape. As you push off, the VK returns the energy that you had stored, propelling you forward or upward with greater force.

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