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90 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping

90 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping

VKTRY Insoles

How do VKTRY Insoles work?
Proprietary Carbon
Fiber Technology

Shock Absorption

At heel strike, the carbon fiber absorbs impact, reducing the joint load on the lower extremities

Support & Stability

At “ footflat ”, VKs provide improved support and stability. Torquing or twisting of the foot can lead to injury VKTRY Insoles help to reduce the chance of that happening

Energy Storage

When you prepare to push off the ground, you bend your foot and “load” the VKTRY Insole. Passive energy will soon turn to kinetic

Energy Return

Like a spring, the deflected VKTRY carbon fiber insole wants to return to it's natural shape. As you push off, the VK returns the energy that you had stored, propelling you forward or upward with greater force.

Proven Performance



+1.6” on a vertical leap, +4” on a broad jump



.12 sec shaved off a 40 yd dash



+9% rate of force development

Proven Protection & Recovery

Added shock absoption, stability & support

less foot & lower-leg injuries

41% reduction in common foot injuries such as turf toe, plantar fasciitis, Lisfranc fracture, jones fracture & others

less lower-leg injuries

22% reduction in common lower leg injuries such as high ankle sprains, knee sprains, A chilles tendinitis, shin splints & others

softer landings

The carbon fiber base of the insole takes on the impact that your body normally would take on, reducing joint load & increasing support


"After an extensive 6-month research study by the Korey Stringer Institute at the University of Connecticut, it is clear that VKTRY Insoles improve lower body biomechanics, stability of the ankle and knee during running, and shock absorption during landing. These improvements can help safeguard athletes by providing injury protection."

Dr. Douglas Casa | PhD, ATC,

Professor of Kinesiology, CEO of KSI

"The VK is the best combination of shock absorption while maintaining stability that I have ever seen on the orthotic market. Shock absorption to reduce load and stability to disperse load biomechanically to enhance performance."

Gary Vitti | former Head Athletic Trainer for

LA Lakers (32 years)

"Because of the VKTRY Insole design, I can reduce sports injuries. The benefits of VKs are valid and undeniable."

Jack Marucci | LSU Director of Athletic

Training for over 20 years

"VKs represent a quantum leap in the world of performance insoles providing many of the benefits of custom made orthotics in an over the counter device. For the first time, athletes can experience stabilization, shock absorption, and propulsion in a device that is specifically tailored to their size and weight. This is a game changer."

Dr. Jamie Creps | Senior Physical Therapist, Boston Red Sox