VKTRY IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Using our insoles will reduce your chance of injury due to added support, stability and shock absorption. Your order may take an extra 1-2 days as we have taken added steps to protect our staff. Thanks for your patience. Wishing you strength and good health from all of your friends at VKTRY!

41% Less Foot & Toe Injuries

Data gathered from 263 Athletes across 4 NCAA Football Programs, Compared to Prior 3 Seasons

Engineered for Safety

  • Spring-like Shock Absorption
  • Increased Stabilization
  • Customized Flexibility 

Opinion Paper on VKTRY Insoles by 
Dr. James R. Creps, PT, DScPT, MLB

Protection: VKs provide support and stability in the midsole as well as flexibility for shock absorption, protecting the foot from impact, hyperextension and torque. VKs have customized flexibility to ensure comfort for all-season wear - allowing athletes to avoid season-ending injury.

Recovery: Flat carbon fiber plates have been used in the sports world for decades after an injury occurs to immobilize the foot. VKs provide Curvature to return the lost explosiveness typical of injury recovery, and Customized Flexibility, assisting the foot's motion while limiting painful motion. 


Shock Absorption:
"VKTRY's patented carbon-fiber insole provides significant shock absorption by assisting in the deceleration of the medial foot during the weight bearing phase of gait. The device is also coupled with PerfX, a breathable lightweight polyurethane foam which demonstrates high tensile strength and rebound resiliency. The combination of these two materials significantly reduces the forces that are normally absorbed within the structures of the foot. This assists in preventing conditions such as shin splints and bone bruises."

Stabilization: "VKTRY insoles also provide stabilization by preventing the collapse of the medial foot which occurs in athletes demonstrating excessive pronation. The devices are manufactured in various degrees of flexibility, thereby providing control which is tailored for athletes of different weights and sizes. By controlling the transfer of forces to the mid and forefeet, the insoles help to prevent conditions such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, and turf toe. This is critical for the athlete requiring additional stabilization in the feet, because the design of many athletic shoes lack the strength and support to control excessive pronation during ballistic activities."


what the sports medicine community says about vks

The VK is the best combination of injury protection and performance enhancement that I have ever seen in the insole category – even better than custom orthotics

Gary Vitti, former Head Athletic Trainer for the LA Lakers (32 years)

VKs represent a quantum leap in the world of performance insoles providing many of the benefits of custom made orthotics in an over the counter device. For the first time, athletes can experience stabilization, shock absorption, and propulsion in a device that is specifically tailored to their size and weight. This is a game changer.

Dr. James Creps, PT, DScPT, Senior Physical Therapist, MLB

We have used VK Insoles on several of our players with nagging foot and ankle injuries this season. All of the players that have used VKs report a decrease in pain as well as additional support that their current cleats did not provide.

Todd Toriscelli, Director of Sports Medicine for the Tennessee Titans

We purchased VK Insoles to assist in foot and toe injury protection for all of our football athletes. I've noticed a decrease in foot and toe injuries this season and our players report increased support in their cleats.

Ben Kastler, Athletic Trainer, Northern Illinois Football

We bought VKs for the whole team in 2017. At the end of the season, I saw considerably less soft tissue injuries with the players compared to years past. I attribute that success to VKs.

Owen Stanley, Athletic Trainer, Texas A&M Football

I purchased VK Insoles this season for our whole football team because I was interested in the injury prevention provided by the design of the insoles. Our players love the increased explosiveness they feel when wearing their VKs.

Justin Smith, Head Athletic Trainer, NC State University
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