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How VKs Work

VKTRY Carbon Fiber Insoles Increase Ground Force.

Simply by putting VKs into your shoe or cleat, you can rapidly generate more force into the ground.

This combination of increased ground force (+8.1% peak force) and increased explosiveness (+9.3% rate of force development) immediately translates to running faster and jumping higher. 

Most sports insoles are made from foam and plastic and provide virtually no energy return.

Read Our 3rd Party Research

How VKs Increase Ground Force:

  1. Patented, Curved Shape
  2. Full-length Carbon-Fiber Base
  3. Customized Flexibility

Unlike traditional insoles that offer one product for all body weights, VKTRY Performance Insoles are available in 5 flexibility levels (“Pro” levels).

Using athlete weight, foot size and sport, our proprietary algorithm determines optimal “Pro” level based on how much deflection force an athlete can comfortably exert on the VK. This force is stored and released back to the athlete.

Our 3rd Party Research

VKs were independently tested at 3 different controlled testing facilities with over 77 athletes during the course of a year. Testing alternated with/without VKs, performing sprint and jump tests in random orders to reduce fatigue and placebo effects. All tests were conducted using laser timing mechanisms and digital forceplates for optimal accuracy and precision.

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