The only insoles proven to help you jump higher The only insoles proven to help you jump higher The only insoles proven to help you jump higher The only insoles proven to help you jump higher The only insoles proven to help you jump higher
Scientifically proven to help athletes JUMP AN AVERAGE OF 1.6” HIGHER
For high school athletes, to weekend warriors, all the way to the pros
I just got my first dunk…
VKTRY Insoles are amazing.. they felt really good. I just got my first dunk if y’all could tell by all the energy that we just had. VKTRY made me feel more springy and more bouncy. Compared to my old insoles? I’ll never wear those again.
- Bryce M.
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VK Gold Performance Insoles
Made for all sports
For serious athletes looking to take their game to the next level
Baseplate is 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber
Baseplate flexibility is customized based on age, gender, body weight and sport
Top cover is customized thickness (3, 5, 7mm) based on sport and shoe type. Fits all footwear and all sports, even soccer and track
Worn by thousands of pro and college athletes
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VK Silver Performance Insoles
Not designed for cleats
For casual athletes of all ages and the best performance insole for the price
Baseplate is carbon fiber composite
Baseplate flexibility is less customized, but works well for over 90% of people
Top cover thickness of 5mm works well for most non-cleated shoes. For cleats, we recommend Gold VKs
Worn by tens of thousands of amateur athletes
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Extra power & explosion…
This is the one product that would help them take their game to the next level. Foam insoles don’t respond or give you anything back. Wearing VKTRY’s carbon fiber insoles, the one thing I notice instantly is that extra power & explosion that they give me.
- Jonathan Taylor, Indianapolis All-Pro Running Back
She gained inches on her jump…
My daughter plays club and High School Volleyball. I wanted to give her an edge on her verticle jump at the net, and some height on her swing (outside hitter). She was extremely reluctant to try these insoles for some reason, but once she did, it was a HUGE difference. She gained INCHES on her jump and LOVES how these allow her to play longer without getting tired.
- Wayne A.
Legit game changer…
We bought my son the Gold pro-level VKs for Christmas. He had come off of a summer injury and it was his high school basketball senior season so we wanted to give him a boost, and add protection! These inserts were and are a game-changer in his performance! If you are on the fence about purchasing Vk’s, do not be! They are 1000% legit!!!!
- Jennifer Z.
VKs give me that extra edge on the court…
Exploding vertically is important in Volleyball and VKs give me that extra edge on the court. I love that VKs help to protect against injuries from the countless jumps I take.
- Jordan Larson, Captain of 2020 gold-medal-winning Team USA
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