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VK Test Results:

+9.3% Explosiveness

  • Run Faster: Take 0.1 Seconds off 40 yard dash
  • Jump Higher: Add +1.6" to your vertical
  • Train smarter: 41% less foot/toe injuries

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Most sports insoles are made from only foam – great if you have sore feet. But if you want to beat your competition up and down the field, there’s no substitute for VKTRY. Ask Myles Jones why he loves his VK Insoles..Running faster, jumping higher, gaining separation makes VKs the best lacrosse insoles you can find. Don’t trust us – or Myles. Try VKs for yourself.

  • Carbon fiber footplates topped with the comfort of the world’s best memory foam.
  • VKs give you more bounce, helping you keep your legs fresh the whole match.

Experts in Sports Medicine agree that VK Insoles not only help performance, they also protect athletes against injuries like turf toe, plantar fasciitis, heel pain and lisfranc. The best way to treat an injury, is to prevent it. Stay in the game – with VKs.

Run Faster.

Jump Higher.

Lax Harder.

The top players & skill trainers in the world trust VKTRY Insoles to perform at their best, and stay healthy all season long.

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