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VK Test Results:

+9.3% Explosiveness

  • Run Faster: Take 0.1 Seconds off 40 yard dash
  • Jump Higher: Add +1.6" to your vertical
  • Train smarter: 41% less foot/toe injuries

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VK Insoles can help you get to that drop shot or run down a defensive lob. Whether you play tennis, squash, racquetball or paddle tennis, being quicker to a spot on the court gives you a competitive edge. VKs are considered by most elite athletes to be the best sports insoles.

  • Increased leverage and ground force helps you generate more powerful strokes.
  • Unique VK design provides you with extra bounce to keep your legs fresh all match.
  • Memory foam top cover provides comfort and additional shock absorption.

Developed by a seasoned and certified Pedorthist for the USA Olympic Bobsled Team, VKs are the only sports insole on the market to provide heel-to-toe protection and stabilization to help reduce injuries and help take the pounding off of your legs, knees, ankles and feet.

Run Faster.

Jump Higher.

Serve Harder.

The top players & skill trainers in the world trust VKTRY Insoles to perform at their best, and stay healthy all season long.

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