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VKTRY Performance Insoles

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VKTRY Performance Insoles
VKTRY Performance Insoles
VKTRY Performance Insoles

Finish Customizing Your VKs:

VK Insoles were originally developed to help the USA Olympic Bobsled Team be more explosive during the push phase at the race start. But you don’t have to be an Olympian to benefit from VKs. If you are involved with a sport requiring ground force (and wearing shoes – sorry swimmers!), VKs will become the best sports insoles you have ever owned.

  • Most sport insoles are merely foam cushions – VK have a foam top cover, but it’s the heel-to-toe carbon fiber base that makes this product one of a kind.
  • Dynamic design improves athlete’s agility and explosiveness (tested to be +9.3%).
  • Memory foam top cover provides comfort and added shock absorption.

Well respected Athletic Trainers believe that VKs are the best sports insoles when it comes to support, stability and overall protection. Stay healthy & stay in the game – with VKs.

VKTRY Insoles Increase Ground Force.

Simply by putting VKs into your shoe or cleat, you can rapidly generate more force into the ground.

This combination of increased ground force (+8.1% peak force) and increased explosiveness (+9.3% rate of force development) immediately translates to running faster and jumping higher. 

Most sports insoles are made from foam and plastic and provide virtually no energy return.

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